Radika Mainali with her son, her daughter in law and her two grand daughters. The mainali have been living as refugees for the past 18 years. Back row from left: Rabi lal Mainali, 37, his wife Hema Devi, 36. Front row from left: Bidhya, 10, Radika (rabi s mother), 76, and Rabina, 12. In few days the mainali will be travelling to Dallas in texas: a third country for a new home. August 2009 traditional dress gives a sense of identity and belonging to a community. After being a refugee for more than 18 years, Rabi, Hema and Radika still feel Bhutanese when they are wearing the 'go' (for men) and the 'kira' (for women). Rabina and Bidhya were born in Nepal and deeply identify themselves as Nepali. August 2009.