Farkhonda, Australia/Afghanistan

Farkhonda : From Australia to Afghanistan

Farkhonda, 22 years old, is a young Hazara girl who arrived in Australia with her family as a refugee, 12 years ago. After her family fled Afghanistan to Pakistan then Iran , the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - UNHCR - finally offered them to live in Melbourne. There are 20.000 Afghan refugees living in Australia and most of them are in Melbourne.

Regardless this new confortable life, Farkhonda always has the firm intention to go back to Afghanistan. At the age of 14, she made up her mind and took the oportunity to be in Australia to study at school then at the university. Few months ago, in March 2012, she got her diploma of International Relations at the University of Melbourne.

Farkhonda has never been so determined: In August 2012, despite her family pressure in Australia, she flew back to Kabul, in order to try to help her people. When she arrived in August 2012, Farkhonda started working at the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission as an intern. Since December 2012, she is working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan (MFA).